Esports and Organizations

Back to the side of eSports, many people have a desire and are content to become part of any eSports scene and in any capacity. When it comes to the business industry of eSports, there is so much more involved into the community asides from just being a player or an organization owner. And these jobs range from being involved in the production of game titles that people compete in to the planning of these tournaments that are run. There are some websites that make it immensely easier on people to find jobs that suit them. One such website is the eSports Observer website, which has a long list of jobs available in the eSports industry ( where any individual that is interested in can look up that can range from being the Project Manager of Esports Events with Blizzard Entertainment to applying for a job as a Talent manager for an Esports Organization/business.

This is not to say that these teams and players do not make a very good living while being a player and/or support position in an organization. Along with the needed contract that each player is given and is “probably some of the most important documents players will ever sign during their relatively short yet hopefully profitable esports careers” Along with a contract, their earnings from their tournament performance also allows them to live steady and enjoy a lot out of their time in an organization. The website shows the full extent of earnings these organizations sometimes acquire, with the organization known as Evil Geniuses profiting the most out of tournament earnings alone, with about $15,421,179.29 over their life span, not including the sort of endorsements and sponsorships that the teams and individual players themselves have. Figures and information such as this shows that the market of esports is growing and something to look out for.




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