Gaming and eSports

The discussion of video games, video game consoles, and the entertainment of video games as a whole started from its humble beginnings back in the early 1970’s, until present day, and certain companies and video games titles have advanced so much to where groups of people and their communities have gone so far as to compete in tournaments, otherwise known as eSports.

It is through the creation of a video game that eSports and the business of tournaments can be created for that community. And the creators and developers of video games utilize the popularity and excitement of their games as a way to market and promote their game and have people attract more and more people to purchase it. The very first tournament was held by Atari in 1980, for the game Space Invaders which itself attracted more than ten thousand participants and started what would eventually become eSports.


And today, the business of eSports continues to flourish and develop in new ways for people to enjoy and market both the tournaments and the games to the general public. Cineplex theatres in Canada have invested into the business of eSports back in 2015, where they invested $15 million dollars into an eSports gaming plan, purchasing the platform WorldGaming “for $10 million US, while $5 million US was used to create a new competitive gaming league to operate and oversee future tournaments at Cineplex theatres across Canada”. I personally can attest to these tournaments as well, as I have constantly been involved in these tournament for the past 5 or 6 years, whether as a participant or as a volunteer/organizer.

The questions I have to ask everyone who reads this is: what is the first game you have ever played? And did you ever know about tournaments being created for video games?


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